Bedroom Ideas – The Bed

Bedroom Ideas - The Bed

There are four main types of bed base so if you’re changing your bedroom and specifically your bed, you need to decide on that factor first.

Bed Base Types:

Bed Frames

Bed frames can really add to your chosen interior theme or style. They can come in a range of materials including wood, metal, plastic or upholstered. Bed frames can emphasise a modern or a traditional style for the look you’re trying to work on. The mattress sits on the frame which is either slatted or wired mesh.

Divan Bases

Divan beds are probably the most popular type of bed and many come with storage options included in the base which is a fantastic choice for bedrooms tight on existing storage space.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds, in general are popular for people with mobility or disability issues and can come in dual control options. It’s also possible to get them in divan or bed frame styles.

Guest Beds

Guest beds, as the name suggests offer extra space to house guests sometimes in the form of a lower mattress which when unused sits back into the main bed base.

When you’re choosing a bed, you should take in a few factors.

The bedroom is such an important part of our homes but sometimes we neglect our focus from creating an attractive aesthetic there because we believe that it’s largely out of sight from visitors. People tend to focus getting their interior style perfect in other parts of the home like the living room, the entrance hall, the kitchen and so on and while these are without doubt important areas, the bedroom is not to be ignored. When you think about it, we spend a huge amount of time in our bedrooms and while not many visitors to your home are likely to see it, it’s still important to treat the whole house as a space for YOU and your family i.e. the occupants to enjoy. So the idea is to create a bedroom that you love to retreat to at the end of your day and also adore waking up in and that’s where we come in! Read on for some bedroom decor idea inspiration…

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