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LG InstaView ThinQ(TM) Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator

LG’s SmartThinQ line features a range of refrigerators. The InstaView ThinQ is the closest you’ll get to futuristic tech in your kitchen.

The touchscreen on the door turns transparent so you can see what’s inside your fridge. You can leave digital notes on the touchscreen for your family.

And are you always throwing food out because you miss the expiry date? Set expiry dates for your food so the InstaView can let you know when it’s about to go off.

Most smart devices come with companion apps to control their features. The InstaView ThinQ is no different. You can check the contents of your fridge from the app while you’re at the store.

Stream your music through the fridge’s built-in speakers for a better cooking experience. It even has a vacation mode to save energy that you can enable through the app.

SkyBell HD

Smart doorbells like the SkyBell are a great way to add peace of mind to your home security set up.

You can use its 1080p camera to get a real-time view of your doorstep. Just switch on the app on your smartphone. That’s helpful if you need to tell a deliveryman where to leave a parcel.

It also has motion sensors that will start recording if someone comes too close to your house. Free cloud storage will host those videos for you.

The SkyBell features an anti-rust coating. It also comes with a battery so you won’t lose functionality in a power outage.

WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Picture the scene. You’re halfway to the airport for the vacation of a lifetime. Except…did you leave an appliance plugged in?

You don’t have time to go back and check. So what do you do?

If you have the WeMo Mini Smart Plug, you won’t panic. You can use the smartphone app to turn off the power outlets from wherever you are.

That’s helpful if you want to turn off an appliance in your child’s bedroom at night. You don’t need to physically go in and disturb them.

Philips Hue Smart Lightbulbs

These smart light bulbs are a great addition to a smart home if you’re focused on environmental credentials.

The white bulbs can be turned on and off from your smartphone. You can even dim them to change the atmosphere using the app.

The color-changing bulbs can be synced with music for a real home light display. Or use them to mimic sunrise and wake up naturally, instead of being shocked awake by an alarm clock.

There are other smart bulbs available but the Philips Hue system is compatible with lots of other devices and systems

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