The Kitchen Appliances Everyone on a Budget Should Have

Did you know that there’s an appliance whose sole purpose is making quesadillas? Ever heard of a specialized breakfast sandwich warmer? That exists too. You can actually buy an appliance that is made specifically to create and keep breakfast sandwiches warm. There’s an overwhelming number of kitchen appliances on the market place. With that comes the ever-present opportunity to overspend on appliances you probably don’t really need.

While there’s no doubt that some can streamline the process of cooking, there are others that don’t necessarily warrant the cost. To help decide what’s worthy of a purchase, we’ve compiled tips that break down the process of choosing and also highlighted some of the best appliances to have in a frugal foodie’s kitchen.

 To avoid overspending on kitchen appliances, ask these five questions before making the big buy:

What’s the Return on Value?

The answer to this question is the biggest deciding factor in whether an appliance is worth the purchase. To get worth out of a purchase you want to earn back value that meets and –ideally—exceeds what you spent on the item. There’s a reason that refrigerators are standard in a kitchen. They have a consistent benefit to anyone storing perishables. Since that applies to most people, they have a high return on value.

How Frequently Will You Use the Item?

You could own an electric ice cream maker that churns out the best ice creamthat you’ve ever had but if you only use it a handful of times during the summer then it might never reach it’s return on value. In that case, it doesn’t make sense to buy an appliance that will be used infrequently.

Another way to look at the impact of buying something that won’t be regularly utilized is to break down the cost per use. For the ice cream maker example above, if you use this appliance three times a year and the price of the appliance is $60.00, that means each use comes at a $20 cost–before adding ingredients. If you had an appliance that cost $60.00 and you used it every week, the price per use would be around $1.15 in the first year.

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